We herewith would like to give a very special THANK YOU to our Redlion Family bands and crew, Festival and venue promoters, who made 2014 again a very successfull one, with about 400 performed shows all over Europe. Our RLM office is closed until January 04-2015 and we will be back for you with full power on January 05-2015.
Into a Rockin 2015 - Your Redlionmusic Team
Anett, Jens, Kinley, Ludy, Markus, Theo and Slash



BULLETRAIN - brand new video

Enjoy the brand new video from BULLETRAIN, with the song "Phantom Pain" from the debut album "Start Talking" released in October 2014.


We give a very warm welcome back to CIRCLE II CIRCLE ( USA). Founder of Circle II Circle was former Savatage lead singer Zak Stevens in 2001. Since then, the band released 6 Studio albums and toured the world. We are pleased to see these talented musicians back in our Redlion Family and look forward to continue our successful relationship.
Zak comments: " We're very excited to join forces again with the RLM family and to continue building great successes with future tours.  It's fantastic to be back and we look forward to a lot of great shows all over Europe with Red Lion".

ALKBOTTLE - at Wacken Open Air 2015


The annual Wacken X-Mas Calendar 2014 procedure continues. Lets do it one more time: We are happy to have ALKBOTTLE added to the W:O:A line up of 2015.

TERRANA - on the road

Looks like, Mike and the boys have some fun on the road!

EXUMER - at Wacken Open Air 2015


The annual Wacken X-Mas Calendar 2014 procedure just started yesterday and we are happy to let the cat out of the bag: EXUMER will perform at W:O:A 2015.

ESCALANE - touring China


Our youngsters from Escalane will be on tour in China and we wish'em all the very best and success!


We give a very warm welcome to the british guitar legend Bernie Tormé. In a nutshell: The British hard rock guitarist with blues roots has recorded 24 albums in his career.  With a new band - including members of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX he is now back live.His stations: Tour guitarist for Ozzy after the tragic death of Randy Rhoads
Guitarist with IAN GILLAN, ATOMIC ROOSTER guitarist, founder of Desperado with TWISTED SISTER's DEE Snider and IRON MAIDEN's Clive Burr. Besides this, he always had his own band, among others, members of Gillan Band and his band Electric Gypsies with, inter alia, Phil Lewis - LA GUNS / GIRL. This man is pure Hard Rock / Heavy Metal history!


We give a very warm welcome to the Swedish metal band ARMAGEDDON led by Christopher Amott, former guitarist of Arch Enemy.  Armageddon he will release a new album "CAPTIVITY & DEVOURMENT" on Listenable Records in January 2015 and the band is ready to hit the road in Europe soon.

WARRIOR SOUL (USA) - touring Europe

Warrior Soul

First Tour for 2015 is starting January 19, We are happy to announce Warrior Soul. hidding the road in Europe. Support comes from mighty THE ROADKILL and awesome newcomers BULLETRAIN


We are happy to add German Death Metal institution LAY DOWN ROTTEN to our roster. The band has successfully completed and released their seventh album "DEATHSPELL CATHARSIS" on Apostasy Records recently.
Now: let's bring it to the pit!

IRON SAVIOR - in Russia

Iron Savior

before the years end, IRON SAVIOR will do a short trip to Russia

TERRANA - Tour Trailer

Terrana European Tour is starting soon and Mike has something to tell you, enjoy!

BULLETRAIN - on tour in Europe 2014


One of our latest signings, BULLETRAIN will tour Europe by the end of November. Sharing the stage for a couple of shows with mighty drum legend Mike Terrana +  their own headliner show in Verona/Italy. Get your tix now!

THE ROADKILL - brand new video

Enjoy the band new video from THE ROADKILL whilst waiting for tourdates in Europe to be announced within this week.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to ETERNO from Sweden. In the beginning the two forming members Roger Eriksson and Ivan Castro (originally from Peru) started the band in 2005 and spend the early years finding the optimal lineup and coming up with a distinct sound. The result has been classified as heavy yet melodically, dark and groovy. Eterno touches the essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Metal, combining that magical, old school feeling with modern elements thereby conjuring the powerful and ensnaring riffs and songs, which has became the trademark of the band. Recently the band has started expanding to other European countries. They have visited some of the most highly renowned international scenes in Norway, Spain and Italy etc. In the Czech Republic the band has toured with Rock n Roll Legend Jeff Scott Soto on his European tour in 2014. Their debut album “Until HELL Freezes Over”, released in the fall of 2013 has been sold in more than 1000 copies either as a whole or as single tracks on iTunes or Spotify, and the video of our song “Fire in the hole” has more than 1.500 total views on YouTube. At present the band is producing the next release which will be a 3-tracks CD/EP and a video coming out in Mars 2015.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to ESCALANE from Finland. Escalane is a four-piece alternative metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed by the guitarist Juha who wanted to find the right people to play the music he had made. Over time, Joonatan, Iiro and Hanna joined the band and Escalane came into existence. Escalane released two songs, "Singularity" and "The Days of Decay”, as digisingles in Spring 2014. At the moment, the band is making their debut EP which will be released in the beginning of 2015, and preparing for a 12-day headlining tour in China taking place in November December 2014. The band describes their music as "alternative metal" since it has elements from many styles of metal music combined with some pop & rock influences. This creates a mixture no-one has done quite the same way before. One of the main things Escalane is known for is also their really energetic live show that’s definitely worth experiencing!
Escalane is:
Hanna Uimonen - vocals & keyboards
Juha Takanen - guitars
Joonatan Jaakonaho - bass
Iiro Vuori - drums

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to GRANDE ROYALE from Sweden. Grande Royale - the new Swedish Royalties. Hailing from the dark forests of southern Sweden, Grande Royale emerges to deliver hard-hitting Rock n' Roll with face-melting riffs and an attitude spawned from Satan himself. With influences rooted in the early seventies, mixed with heavy blues guitar licks, Grande Royale paves their music straight and hard like an interstate highway. It all started as a project by members from three other bands with the intent to fool around, write music and drink beer. Inspiration and a hunger for something more arouse and a few months later the bands' first album was written. With the result in hand, the band was ready to take a step up to a more serious level - to make this their living. This is the new Royals - the new reign of Rock n' Roll.



We proudly announce that Tygers of Pan Tang have been confirmed for Väsby Rock Festival in Stockholm/Sweden 2015. The band will perform alongsite Magnum, Danger Danger, Heaven & Earth amm.

BLACKSLASH - Supporting Kissin Dynamite - Update


We are happy to announce that our younsters from Blackslash will support Kissin Dynamite on their upcoming Megalomania Tour in Netherlands/Weert. Since the show of Kissin Dynamite in Belgium/Vosselaar got cancelled, Blackslash will play their first headliner show in Netherlands mighty Rock Temple in Kerkrade, instead. This will mark history in the young career of Blackslash since both shows will be the first time, the band will play outside Germany. Don't miss out on this amazing band!.

SILENT OPERA supporting Orphaned Land 2014

Silent Opera

We are proud to announce that Silent Opera will be Main Support for Orphaned Land on their upcoming European Tour. We wish the bands much success, fun and always save travels!

Harmonic Generator supporting Skintrade 2014

Harmonic Generator

After their successful road trip with Jeff Scott Soto in May  2014 - Harmonic Generator will touring Europe again in November 2014, supporting rockers from mighty Skintrade ( Sweden )

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to HATEDOTCOM from Germany. With a new, fresh sound including a good dose of rock`n`roll HATEdotCOM evolved to a modern metal-band.  The HATEdotCOM-sound is constantly moving on since 2012. The five-piece from Germany ́s so called “Ruhrgebiet” released their new album “Dissociative” worldwide on 7Hard. The album was mixed and mastered by metal-legend Dan Swanö (e.g. Edge of Sanity). He did a great job was such a cool guy that he came to join the band´s latest photoshoot. Who can tell that he is on a photo besides a legend? Glorious! To support their music visually a video had to come up. An old indoor swimming pool was the place for the shooting. There were just 2 metal-compatible  regulations the town-authorities demanded: 1st Every bandmember joins the place on his own responsibility. 2nd Hatedotcom may destroy everything but don´t burn the place up! That´s how the “Demons” clip came to life on a damn long day. More to come soon – watch out!

Tygers of Pan Tang Tour 2014


Tygers of Pan Tang touring Europe again in November 2014! At several shows they will have support from RLM Family bands Ancillotti ( Italy ) and King's Call ( Germany ) Don't miss out!

Kinley Wetzl becomes full fledged booking agent of RLM

Kinley Wetzl

Most of you know, that Kinley Wetzl has worked for RLM since quiet a while now as assistant booking agent to Ludy and so you may have missed him in our RLM staff overview. Time to finally change that. Kinley has proven that he has the skills and passion to become a full fledged booking agent for RLM and we are very happy to have him in our ranks. 

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to BULLETRAIN from Sweden.With strong choruses and a theatrical show, Bulletrain managed for a few seconds move "The Tivoli" to the Sunset strip in the mid-80's when Mötley Crüe were gettin' material for "The Dirt" and Guns N’ Roses was in the making! Bulletrain does not leave much to be desired for those who thinks that the hardrock scene was at it's best in the Glam/Sleaze era! This band could probably already tomorrow record an album which wouldn't be ashamed aside acts ike Crashdïet and Crazy Lixx!- Swedish Newspaper 'bout Bulletrain. Bulletrain has always been about inspiration and passion. Everyone has different sources of inspiration and different passions, but despite all the differences, Bulletrain is built out of strong wills, dreams and visions! Nothing but the best is good enough and since 2006 the band has invested blood, sweat and tears to stand out as Sweden's loudest rock act! Bulletrain has released two EP's and made over a hundred gigs on their own. Shared the stage with bands such as Bullet, Crashdïet and Crazy Lixx all over Sweden and abroad! In the beginning of 2011, singer Robert Lindell decided to leave the band! A tough time came for the band, which also resulted in bassist Tim Svalo departure from the train but setbacks are to be overcome! A new singer marks a start for a new era! Bulletrain's been working with their debut album in silence. Together with their new singer and front man Sebastian Sundberg and bass player Niklas Månsson Bulletrain's getting ready to continue where it all ended! This decade is all about making dreams come true! October 24th Bulletrain will release their debut album through out Europe! Visit their website and see the official music video for the track "Out of control" from the album!


Theo Samson

Due to the market changes and extra promotional requests, which we get from many bands, we  have decided not only to increase our personnel again, but also add an extra department. First and foremost in order to meet the demands on quality, we had to find an experienced Promotion manager. Herewith we would like to introduce a new member of our staff -
Theo Samson. Theo is not only the owner of Rock Inc. Promotion / The Rock Online (Marketing / Promotion) - but also best known in the BeNeLux and Germany for his work in the Music Business. Working for Labels as AFM / Metalville / BOB MEDIA etc. but also for a lot of festivals / Events in The BeNeLux  / France / U.K. and Germany area, coordinating bus travels and doing promotion/marketing for some of them too.
Bands like : Whitesnake, Doro, U.D.O. , Blackmore's Night, Slayer, Schandmaul , J.B.O., Edguy, Avantasia, Kissin' Dynamite, Evergrey, Ugly Kid Joe, Annihilator amm. already crossed his path or still using his service.
We are very happy to have Theo Samson joining the team and give him a very warm welcome.



We give a very warm welcome to Paragon from Germany. PARAGON was formed in 1990 by guitarist Martin Christian in Hamburg, Germany. After 3 years of being on smaller labels with moderate success, PARAGON signed a deal in 2000 with the Hamburg based label Remedy Records. This pairing resulted in the release of 3 highly successful albums, STEELBOUND, LAW OF THE BLADE and THE DARK LEGACY. Several European tours soon followed with high profile acts such as IRON SAVIOR & GAMMA RAY. This time period also found PARAGON performing at all of the biggest festivals including Sweden Rock & Summer Breeze and sharing the stage with legendary bands like SAXON & VIRGIN STEELE. In 2004 PARAGON attained their crowning achievement; performing on the main stage of the Wacken Open Air Festival in front of 48,000 diehard metalheads. Shortly after, the follow up album THE REVENGE found PARAGON reaping massive success and praise with both critics & fans alike and is still considered a pinnacle of their career. The following 2 albums FORGOTTEN PROPHECIES & SCREENSLAVES were received with the same level of enthusiasm however due to unexpected lineup changes the band was unable to promote them to the level they deserved with only a handful of shows being played. In the early part of 2010 Martin Christian decided to leave PARAGON but was firm in his belief that Andreas Babuschkin, Jan Bünning and Chris Gripp should push forward with PARAGON. This led to the recruitment of Wolfgang Tewes several months later as Martin's replacement and a completed lineup in 2012 with the addition of 2nd guitarist Jan Bertram. With new blood in the band and a renewed sense of energy, PARAGON returned to the stage and also began the songwriting for the highly anticipated follow up to SCREENSLAVES. In May of 2012 PARAGON entered Piet Sielck's "Powerhouse Studios" to begin the recording of their 10th album FORCE OF DESTRUCTION, which saw an aggressive return to form in the style of their previous albums LAW OF THE BLADE and THE REVENGE, still considered some of the band's strongest albums. The results have been more impressive than the band anticipated. Vicious chainsaw guitars, relentless drums, pummeling bass and intense vocals topped by powerful choirs & highly creative songwriting instantly catapults FORCE OF DESTRUCTION to the top of all PARAGON albums. Featuring 10 songs complete with incredible intro and an ultra-aggressive cover of the song "Son Of A Bitch" by German heavyweights Accept, FORCE OF DESTRUCTION combines all the best elements of PARAGON's sound while still pushing it forward into new levels of power. The album culminates in the epic composition BLOOD & IRON, featuring guest vocals by 2 legitimate stars of the metal world, Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck. The incredible front cover design by Dirk Illing and 1st class photos by Stefan Malzkorn are brilliantly captured in the layout design by Claudia von Bihl, all of which is just the icing on the cake for this world class production.  In July 2012 PARAGON attracted the attention of one of the leading metal labels, Napalm Records resulting in the signing of a worldwide contract in August. The new album FORCE OF DESTRUCTION is scheduled for release in October 2012 with distribution through Universal.


We are very proud to add Prog Gods IQ to our roster. With a history of over 30 years, having released more than 25 albums, including live-shows, collections and remixes, IQ are widley regarded as one of the world´s most highly respected progressive rock acts. Founded in 1981 by guitarist Mike Holmes the band soon had it´s international breaktrough with „The Wake“ in 1985. This instant classic, is seen by many as one of the defining progressive rock albums of the eighties. An UK tour with Wishbone Ash led to a lucrative major deal with Phonogram. The band toured all through europe to promote their album „Nomzamo“ and their chart-hit „Promises“, recorded with „Are your sitting comfortably?“ a world-wide success and went again on an extensive tour, this time with Mike and the Mechanics. But at the beginning of the 90´s, the band decided to go independent again to regain total control about their music.  Friends and associates founded the label „Giant Electric Pea“. In the next years albums like „Ever,“, Seventh House“ and „Dark Matter“ proofed how fine that concept worked out. „Frequency“ (2009), was voted album of the year in many websites and magazines. IQ are Peter Nicholls (vox), Mike Holmes (git), Paul Cook (drums), Tim Esau (bass), Neil Durant (keys).

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to BLOODY MARY from Italy. Since the year 2000 Bloody Mary represents Gothic Rock in Italy. Their three first EP, "Bloody Zero Live", "Red" and "Rosemadder" became a cult among admirers of the dark goth genre. In the 2005 they were internationally recognised. Their debut album Blood N' Roll was prepared by the British Record Company SixSixSix and found a wide response among fans in Europe and abroad. Since 2005 to 2008 Bloody Mary made numerous gigs in Europe, mainly in Great Britain and Germany. In the year 2010 came out the second CD "Party Music From Graveyards" released by the Italian label Valery Records, which was presented by many live concerts and immediately found his admirers. The album "Anno Zero" has been released on March 21th 2014 on CD and digital by Valery Records and distributed worldwide.

BLACKSLASH - Supporting Kissin Dynamite


We are happy to announce that our younsters from Blackslash will support Kissin Dynamite on their upcoming Megalomania Tour in Belgium/Vosselar and Netherlands/Weert. This will mark history in the young career of Blackslash since both shows will be the first time, the band will play outside Germany. Don't miss out on this amazing band!.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to SILENT OPERA from France. A silent opera? Not really! Composed of Laure LABORDE and Steven SCHRIVER (vocals), Olivier SENTENAC (bass), Romain LARREGAIN (guitars), Jon ERVITI (drums) and Laura NICOGOSSIAN (keyboards), the story of SILENT OPERA began 5 years ago. Created in 2007 by the will and the complicity of Olivier, Laure and Romain, the first titles soon displayed a well sliced style mixing incisive riffs, clear and aggressive vocals and plaintive and poignant melodies. In 2010 the band released his first album ACT ONE, dark with black metal and progressive metal elements, supported by a constant opposition of its 2 complementary voices highlighting the characters inner pain described in the lyrics. This album was defended during a French tour in March 2011 and quickly got a great success. End 2012, after numerous concerts and a long work of composition still further towards the theme of introspection, "REFLECTIONS", SILENT OPERA's 2nd album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mobo (LOKURAH, ERYN NON DAE, GOROD, MINUSHUMAN, etc.) at the Conkrete Studio (FR).
Finally, the band signed a recording deal with the well-known German label Massacre Records which has just released the band’s second studio album ‘Reflections’ worldwide on 21st Feb. 2014.


We are very proud to add Thrash legends EXUMER to our roster. Formed in 1985, by singer/bassist Mem V. Stein and guitarist Ray Mensh, EXUMER went on to release two albums in 1986 (Possessed by Fire), and 1987 (Rising from the Sea), that are regarded as some of the most cult thrash metal releases ever to come out of Germany. EXUMER was also one of the first thrash metal acts to capture exotic, foreign markets like Poland and Brazil, where their albums were domestically released in the 1980s. The subsequent tours that followed those releases secured the band live shows in front of thousands of fans and an unusually large following outside of Germany.
Plagued by line-up changes and internal turmoil the band broke up in 1990, and did not perform live, with the exception in 2001 at the prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival, until 2009.
Mem and Ray decided to re-activate EXUMER in 2008, and the band embarked on their first tour since 1988, where they played 5 shows in April/May of 2009. The "5 Nights of Fire Tour", took the band through Europe (Germany, Holland, Greece), and the USA, where they headlined the "Thrasho de Mayo Festival", in front of 1300 fans in Los Angeles.
EXUMER returned to Europe in spring and the fall of 2010, where the band appeared at Norway's "Inferno Festival", among other stops in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Bulgaria during their "European Ignition Tour Part I & II".
In 2011, EXUMER completed writing and arranging material for their first new album in 24 years. The band chose Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Therion, Sodom, Moonspell, etc.), to produce their 10-track strong, hard hitting CD; Fire & Damnation.
Combining a punishing production with aggressive song writing, EXUMER managed to capture the intensity and feel of the 1980s thrash metal gems and yet sound up to date on their latest output.Fire & Damnation was released via Metal Blade Records worldwide in April, 2012.
Fire & Damnation catapulted EXUMER back in the forefront of the international music markets and the following live assaults in 2012 & 2013; only further cemented the band's cult status among the ranks of classic thrash metal acts in the world! EXUMER has embarked on tours and festivals in Mexico, South America and Europe since the release of Fire & Damnation, and finally released their first official video clip to the title song of their latest album, shot entirely in Sao Paulo/Brazil in 2012.


We give a very warm welcome to Savage – The Legend, who have signed a worldwide booking contract with Redlionmusic. Hailing from the heart of the UK, Savage where born out of the need for a bunch of teenagers to put their own stamp on the hard rock scene. At just 18 and 15 years of age respectively, founder members Chris Bradley and Andy Dawson first set alight to the Nottinghamshire music scene by rampaging through covers of their heroes such as Thin Lizzy, UFO, Deep Purple and Van Halen. But the band weren’t dragging their heels when it came to penning original tunes and were soon wowing local audiences with a blend of energetic new metal. As a result they were invited to participate in 1981’s seminal compilation album 'Scene Of The Crime', contributing two barnstorming tracks 'Let It Loose' and 'Dirty Money' which would both go on to become stage favourites as the band’s star rose.

 It was clear the band were head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. A copy of ‘Scene Of The Crime’ ended up in the hands of Lars Ulrich and before long the newly-formed Metallica were playing Savage tracks themselves, famously recording 'Let It Loose' which set them on the road to creating their brand of thrash metal and securing their first deal. At around the same time, Savage were offered their first deal. The band's double A-Side single ‘Ain’t No Fit Place’ c/w ‘The China Run’ had been released to strong reviews, and in 1983 Savage released their legendary debut album 'LOOSE ‘N’ LETHAL' which not only received rave reviews but was soon acclaimed as the best-selling metal import album in America.

 By now Savage were gigging across the UK although focussing their efforts especially on London where Kerrang favourably reviewed a number of their gigs. In 1984 the band went to Europe and shared the bill with Metallica and Venom, at the now legendary ‘Aardschok Day’ playing to 10,000 people and again receiving outstanding reviews. Metallica knocked at the dressing room door and asked to share a beer with the Savage boys; the bands would later meet again in London where more beer drinking ensued, this time for a Kerrang! article on real ale! In 1985 Savage released their second album 'HYPERACTIVE'. The album received a full 5K review in Kerrang! followed by a UK tour with a homecoming sold out show at the Mansfield Civic Theatre, outside of which many years earlier Bradley and Dawson had first met giving birth to Savage. But despite the success of the first two albums and live shows, the lack of support from both labels and management caused much frustration and resulted in the band finally folding in 1986.

 Bradley and Dawson continued to make music separately for the next few years until due to demand the band reformed with original drummer Dave Lindley to record the comeback album ‘HOLY WARS’ in 1995. The album sold well across the UK, Europe and Japan and the guys played a cracking set at Germany's Heavy Oder Was festival. Maintaining the momentum they recorded their fourth studio album 'BABYLON' which demonstrated Savage's ability to craft powerful, punchy classic rock, with Bradley's almost sneering vocals and thundering bass counterpointing Dawson’s outright riffing and searing solos, showing that British rock bands can have attitude, grit and punch! The new millennium brought 'XTREME MACHINE', an album full of mean, grooving rock which brought new fans to the band and was followed a year later with more live shows, the band hitting America for the first time with new boy Mark Nelson on drums before performing a stunning show at Wacken.

 Joined again by drummer Mark Nelson and new guitarist Kristian Bradley, Yes! Chris’s son and Andy’s Nephew, the band spent 2011 preparing songs for 'SONS OF MALICE'. Released April 2012 ‘SONS OF MALICE’ once again showed the band were in touch with the contemporary metal scene without losing sight of their traditional British roots, an aspect recognised by the significant number of positive reviews the album received worldwide. Shows throughout Europe proved the band had not lost any of their bite live! In fact new boys Mark Nelson and Kristian Bradley have given the band a new energy wholly apparent from barnstorming sets at Hard Rock Hell VI, CRF 13 and a legendary performance of the entire ‘LOOSE ‘N’ LETHAL’ album in reverse at the Headbangers Open Air Festival 2013. In a neat twist High Roller records issued a collectable vinyl version of ‘SONS OF MALICE’ that includes bonus tracks from the album recording sessions. Although material for their next release is already being written, the band are considering recording a live album to capture the excitement of the band on stage.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to LAST DAY HERE from Slovenia.“Live your life like it is your last day here” is the life motto of LastDayHere.LastDayHere redefines the modern rock and metal genre. Mixing modern influences with the sounds these genres have produced over the last 40 years and by adding an incredible energy to this mix, gives LastDayHere their own unique and accessible sound. With their new album "A New Beginning", they once more want to show that they mean business. "Uniqueness is something that is often lost in the music industry. Bands try to put their own "stamp" on the music they create, even if what they're doing has been done a thousand times before. The treat is when a band comes along and does something, that, though they bear similarities to what's come before them, they put enough of their own "stamp" on the formula or genre to say they're doing something new or unique. We have this treat when listening to LastDayHere. LastDayHere has something that makes them stand out above the rest. They combine all the right elements with such balance and style that makes you wonder just where they've come from. LastDayHere are incredibly tight, they have a fresh, adrenaline pumping, sound of sheer quality and listenability of Rock Metal." (One2One ProMedia, USA). The band formed in 2005, and after some changes in the band line-up was fully formed in 2011, when Saso came into the band to join Marko, Jure, Uros and Tommi. “With our music we try to translate what we experience in our own lives, experiences we believe everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives as well, by pouring our souls and emotions with a similar level of intensity into the music and lyrics we create. With our latest creation, we hope to share all this with our existing audiences, but also that it helps us further in being presented to an even wider audience”.

Blitzkrieg Tour 2014


Blitzkrieg touring Europe again in September 2014! Don't miss out!

Terrana Tour 2014


We are very proud to announce the first dates for Terrana Tour 2014 are confirmed, Save your tickets now!

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to THE ROADKILL from Norway.“The perfect cocktail blending essentials of 80′s shred, 90′s rock and timeless industrial metal.” Lyrically and musically the band is genuine, original, provocative and emotionally moving. 2012 Singer Thomas Jacobsen joins forces with guitar player and ex-RoadKill manager Morten St. Elmo, reviving the project after the band ended splitting up caused by disagreement both music and image. The single “Lock Up Your Daughter” is released on New Years Eve the same year, receiving favorable reviews and publicity in Norway while rapidly spreading into the international community. 2013 Lock Up Your Daughter” reaches number 1 on “Urørt”, a Norwegian underground chart and is in rotation on American radio. The RoadKill starts working with Hyper Media Group in Canada to develop their world wide online presence. The Second single “Choke” from the much anticipated upcoming album “Reborn” is released. “Choke” immediately received rave reviews across the world. The band toured a few cities in Norway to check out the new material from Reborn album with LIVE audience. Great response and favorable reviews from music journalists throughout the world took the band to HOLLYWOODWEST in California. April16th - 2014 is a true milestone in The RoadKill`s history when the band entered the very same stage that AEROSMITH played 7 days before. legendary Whisky A Go Go did ask the band to play and the fans got overwhelmed about the power and intensity of the performance. Theband played famous Valley Club Paladino`s in Tarzana the day after. The RoadKill will continue to perform and support their upcoming release, while polishing their material, show and performance in anticipation of their upcoming North American tour in 2014

MIKE TRAMP - added to Redlion Family

We are very proud to welcome MIKE TRAMP to the family. As someone who has gambled his life and given his heart and soul to rock n roll, Tramp is philosophical when pondering what rock n roll has given him in return. “To me it is my lifestyle, a pair of glasses that I view life through, a pair of boots that take me to where I want to go and a religion that allows you freedom to follow your heart and do what you want.” Mike Tramp – “a life of no limits, rules or compromises”. RLM will provide European Booking for Mike Tramp, except UK/Ireland and Scandinavia.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to LAST STROKE from Italy. Last Stroke started in 2010 in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy. "Ashtray" was released on Sept,11 2012, through independent label Insomnia Records and the band toured along with Peter Doherty (Babyshambles, Libertines,UK) The EP "XMas sessions" was recorded on tape and released on Dec, 24 with 2 acoustic songs. In Feb 2013 the band was official supporter for Linea 77, alt. rock/metal Italian act. Last Stroke played with The Fire in March 2013, for Shandon ex lead-singer's new solo project. Last Stroke played at Rock n Roll Arena in March 2013, winning the Nord Italian branch of B-Live contest. "Pure Fun" is the first single out from "Ashtray", and the videoclip was out in July 2013. The band won fist prize at National Contest B-Live: a European tour (Austria,Germany, Netherland, Belgium) to be held in 2014. Last Stroke also performed at Nissan Skipass 2013, as main act during the most important free style and winter sport Italian exhibition. "Ipecac" music video was released as Las Stroke's second single and it was on heavy rotation on National music tv "Rock Tv".The band is in tour with brand new songs to be included in its next album, since April 2014.