LOUDNESS (JP) - confirmed for Hellfest 2016

Loundess at Hellfest 2016

Finally, we are happy to let the cat out of the bag: LOUDNESS will play for the very First time at this years edition of Hellfest, alongside Rammstein, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Korn amm. The Festival will take place in Clisson, France between June 17 - June 19, 2016.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

A new band, added to Redlion Family is IRON BASTARDS from France. Old school Rock with a modern view: The Iron Bastards play a fast and dirty rock’n’roll. Energetic, aggressive, motivated, the Bastards give heavy and powerful shows that will make your ears bleed. For fans of raw guitars, frenetic drums and angry vocals. Formed in 2013, the band released its two first records in 2014 (“Boogie Woogie Sessions” in February and “Wasteland” in September). The Bastards released their 1st album “Boogie woogie violence” in September on Black N’Purple Records. Since December 2013 the band did more than 70 gigs and toured in France, Germany, Poland and Luxembourg.
First shows and Festivals are booked for 2016 – don’t miss out to see those guys Live!

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

A new band, added to Redlion Family is GREY ATTACK from Germany. Long in the tooth, and ready to bite; these experienced rock gentlemen from Grey Attack are ready to rock your socks off and show those young whipper-snappers a thing or two about kicking ass! And they’re not done yet, not by a long shot…. They are in your face and ready to let loose with kicking songs.  Like careering juggernauts the guitars storm out of the speakers and crash into your ears with merciless power. The punch and thrust of the drums makes your bowels squirm with delight!  The lumberjackesque drummer does his best to be environmentally friendly despite the amount of drumsticks he goes through. The unrelentingly powerful bass lines rock your very soul and urge you to worship the master of Cardiac arrythmia; the audience members loving every masochistic minute of it. All in all, in your face and ready to go…..Lovingly prepared and served up to you by…..Grey Charlez (Guitars and Vocals),  Wulff Maahn (Guitar),  Frank Le Gov (Bass),  JFK (Drums), Real guys who have a hell of a rock education to call upon and blistered fingers that prove their metal. 


Happy New Year

Welcome 2016. The Redlionmusic Team wishes all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let there be ROCK!

LOUDNESS (JP) - confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2016

Loundess at W:O:A 2016

We are very pleased to announce, that LOUDNESS will play for the very First time at next years edition of W:O:A.
The Festival will take place in Wacken, Germany between August 04 - August 06, 2016.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

A new band, added to Redlion Family is PROGSTONE from Switzerland. Progstone’s four musicians have come-of-age. They benefited from the Swiss and French stages to grow exponentially. Influenced by stoner and progressive rock, these guys are to be watched closely. From the outset an impression of rock music made for Route66 is given. It is a well-known rock format… but watch out, they are dealing with contrast and depth. This is not a series of classic riffs, but an all which makes it naturally charming and mesmerizing. The voice without doubt takes the auditor towards the Seattle region to remember forgotten melodies and damn, does it feel good! Musically, the band seems to find its originality in the progressive variations of two guitars playing alongside vocal Harmonization. These guys confirm that they are already old wolves on the Swiss stages and know where they are going. The perfect match of muscle and emotion finds its reward when live.

LOUDNESS (JP) - confirmed for Rock Fest Barcelona 2016

Loundess at Rock Fest Barcelona 2016

"We will be back." This was promised from LOUDNESS after their stunning first ever show in Spain at this years Rock Fest Barcelona. All the spanish fans don't have to wait too long again for this to happen: Loudness will do it again and we are very happy to confirm: Loudness for Rock Fest Barcelona 2016 - July 15 till July 17.

MYSTIC PROPHECY (DE) - touring Europe 2016

Mystic Prophecy

Mystic Prophecy will hit the roads of Europe again in Sping 2016 - alongside Orden Ogan. This tour will present the brand new Studio Album of Mystic Prophecy - Release right in time on March 18th - 2016! Save your tix now!

LOUDNESS (JP) - confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2016

Loundess at Sweden Rock 2016

We are very happy to announce, that LOUDNESS will play for the very First time at next years edition of Sweden Rock Festival. The Festival will take place in Sölvesborg, Sweden between June 08 - June 11, 2016.

EXUMER (DE) - touring Europe 2016


We are very proud to announce, that EXUMER will hit the road in Europe in early 2016. The Road Rage Tour will be  joined by Exarsis from Greece and Coma7 from Israel. At the time,  Exumer will also release their next studio album via Metal Blade Records. Don't miss out on these shows!

LOUDNESS (JP) - confirmed for Graspop Metal Meeting 2016

Loundess at Graspop 2016

We are very pleased to announce, that LOUDNESS will play for the very First time at next years edition of Graspop Metal Meeting. The Festival will take place in Dessel, Belgium between June 17 - June 19, 2016.

THE ORDER OF CHAOS (CA) - touring Europe 2015

The Order of Chaos

We are very happy to announce, that we can bring back The Order of Chaos to Europe this November/December. They will complete the "youngster band package" along with Battle Beast and Alpha Tiger. Don't miss these incredible bands and Go and get your tix!

IRON SAVIOR (DE)+ PERTNESS (CH) - confirmed for Ice Rock 2016

Iron Savior and Pertness

We herewith like to announce, that Iron Savior and Pertness are confirmed for Ice Rock Festival in Switzerland, January 7th until 9th.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Beyond the Break

A new band, added to Redlion Family is BEYOND THE BREAK from Wales/UK.Beyond the break is a rock band from Llanelli, S.Wales.  Members of Catatonia, 21 against and eleven came together early 2015. The band signed to 2p Records, London on the strength of their demo before playing a live show. The E.P ‘Pictures of losing sleep’ was recorded as a live performance direct to tape over the space of two weekends. Preserving the integrity of analogue ‘Pictures’ was released on virgin 12” vinyl. The single ‘The way it was’ received in excess of 25,000 plays on spotify in the first four weeks.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

A new band, added to Redlion Family is HERETIC SOUL from Turkey.Death metallers from Istanbul, Heretic Soul delivers Old School Death Metal with Deathcore influences and mosh parts. Played... several countries like Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium since 2008. From 2006 to 2011 Heretic Soul played over 100 shows including many major festivals like Mountains of Death, Rock Maraton... Reviewed at least 8/10 from metal.de, powermetal.de, earshot.at, lordsofmetal.nl...

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

New band, added to Redlion Family is COMA 7 from Israel. Vocalist Shimon , guitarists Ehud and Asi , bassist Dan and drummer Almog specialise in complex multilayered tracks that have a knack for seeding themselves deep into the listener’s head and never letting go. Following the release of their debut single on American label Quickstar Productions tragedy struck the band when their guitarist Eran was murdered under tragic circumstances. The upcoming EP ' Hunger ' is also a tribute to him. Drawing influences from the likes of Refused , Lamb of God and Rage Against The Machine their blistering blend of melodic posthardcore and progressive metal is winning over audiences wherever they perform. Coma7 ’s eagerly awaited next single “ No More War ”, and it's bside " Yeti ", displays a different aspect to the band’s sound while maintaining their commitment to getting people out of their seat and up on their feet.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

New band, added to Redlion Family are ASPHALT HORSEMEN from Hungary. In 2010 Asphalt Horsemen started their rehearsal in Godollo (Hungary).  First they led into jams of songs of bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Stone Cherry, Pride and Glory. Soon came up their own ideas of songs which were working out and tested at smaller gigs. The audience reaction was splendid as they felt heavy-load beating of southern rock on their skin. Asphalt Horsemen was formed by Karoly Lorincz (lead voc. guitar), Geza Matyasovszki (guitar, backing voc.), Balazs Megyesi (bass, backing voc.), Gergely Farkas (drums). Members’ music experiences have been gathered from several bands (Mood, Zeus Flash, Stereochrist, Notre Dame, Snakebite) during the last 10+ years toured all over in Hungary and Europe. Their roots hold on to blues-rock, hardrock and sleeze, even had been some adventure in grunge, even jazz-rock and metal as well. Guitar riff themes pounds very well under tuneful vocal melodies, double guitar attack makes more compact sound, solistic patterns and solos colour it. In 2010 they recorded an EP with „Grip In Hand” and „Run Man” songs which reflect truly to their style they aimed. In due time the members of the band shared the stage with such well-known stars as Uriah Heep, Marco Mendoza, Jeff Scott Soto, Kip Winger, TM Stevens, Carmine Appice & Vinnie Appice and Brian Tichy. In march 2014 their debut album was released which received positive feedbacks from both national and international audiences.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

New band, added to Redlion Family are WE ARE THE CATALYST from Sweden. Since their formation in late 2012, Sweden's We Are The Catalyst have been establishing themselves as one of Europe's most exciting and compelling musical acts. Their debut EP, Panem Et Circenses, was a critical and fan favorite, earning the band spots on several major soundtracks and video airplay in over 20 countries. Considering their pedigree, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Principal members Cat Fey and Kenny Boufadene spent years touring with the metal act One Without (sharing bills with Dead By April, Katatonia, and more as well as releasing albums on Lifeforce Records) and have channeled their skills and passion into We Are The Catalyst. The new release, Monuments, tops everything we've come to expect from WATC. Released worldwide by Seven13 Music, it hits harder, it soars higher, and it cuts just a little bit deeper. The band are currently enjoying increasing radio play across the globe following the successful tour of China which saw them headlining the SOTX Planet Stage at the Shanghai Festival with over 100,000 in attendance.

BULLETRAIN (SE) - touring Sweden


BULLETRAIN will be on the road again very soon in Sweden. These are the last shows before they start creating greater things. Thats what the band promises and so we kindly recommend to get your tix and see them live on stage!

METRUM (AT) - supporting Mordred (USA)


We are happy to announce that METRUM will be on tour shortly. First of all they'll play the Turock Sommerfest in Essen(Germany) alongside LOUDNESS. Further more they will support Mordred for a bunch of Shows in Germany and Netherlands, followed by Peace and Rock Festival in Austria and a Headliner Show in Switzerland.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

New band, added to Redlion Family are LEAVE SCARS from Belgium. Leave Scars is a Belgian Old School Thrash Metal Band, which started in 2005 with band members from D.O.A., Sanitarium and Hard Resistance. It began as a side project, but then grew to be a solid band. In 2007 their first demo "Unit 731" came out and thrashed the underground scene. In particular the hidden track "Shower" which is already called a classic. In 2009, they won the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Belgium and played an amazing set on W.O.A. 2009 in Germany.  ​Leave Scars recorded their new cd called "The Arrival", which came out in May 2013. Throughout the RedBull BedroomJam competition they've won, Leave Scars performed on Graspop Metal Meeting 2013 in Belgium.
On March 25th 2014 they supported Five Finger Death Punch at Trix, Antwerp and been selected for the finals of the global Hard Rock Rising competition at Hard Rock Café Cologne, Germany. They’ve been signed by Spinal Records in 2015 and the new cd “Chains of Redemption” was released in Benelux in March.

Sheree Hesse - joins Redlionmusic Agency

Sheree joins RLM

It is with great pleasure to confirm a new member of staff to our agency. Today we have the honour, to welcome Sheree Hesse in the Redlionmusic Team. Most people in the Rock and Metal community know Sheree for her outstanding work as one of the promoters of the world´s most famous Wacken Open Air.
After spending a couple of years with her family, Sheree is now back in the world of Metal Music as a booking agent at The Redlionmusic Agency. Everyone at Redlionmusic are very happy for having Sheree on board, and we give her a very warm welcome!
Sheree comments: “ I just want to say thank you to Jens, Anett and Markus for giving me this Opportunity… I am very nervous because it is a new Start, and I hope all goes well…Very excited and very Happy! “
Redlionmusic Agency founder Anett Lenk adds: “It is a real pleasure and honour to have Sheree joining our team. I’m looking forward to work with her and thankful for this amazing relationship, which we already have.”

Ladies and Gentleman: Fasten your seatbelts – pedal to the metal!

Sheree can be reached via: sheree@redlionmusic.de

THE ORDER OF CHAOS - brand new video

Edmonton, AB’s power metal quintet THE ORDER OF CHAOS has teamed up with Metal-Rules.com for the premiere of their new music video and title track ‘Apocalypse Moon’ from their upcoming album being released on July 24th in North America and later this year in Europe via German label Killer Metal Records to follow 2013’s Sexwitch EP. The album was recorded/mixed and mastered at the Physics Lab by Terry Paholek in Edmonton and features twelve brand new tracks that showcase the talent and diversity of one of Canada’s up and coming heavy metal bands. The album features Amanda Kiernan (Into Eternity) on vocals, John Simon Fallon and John Saturley on guitar, Tim Prevost on drums and Duncan Hickerty on bass guitar whom has been recently replaced by Barrett Klesko of All Else Fails for live performances.