We give a very warm welcome to MYSTIC PROPHECY from Germany. Their 2009 album "Fireangel" marked a serious turning point for Mystic Prophecy – after many thought the band would not continue because of diverse line-up changes and delivered a serious metal highlight. With "Fireangel" the band went on a longer European tour with the Finns of Stratovarius and also appeared on numerous festivals throughout Europe. The feedback was more than positive and it soon became clear that the band wasn't able to keep the 1-year rhythm in releasing new albums – it took double time, almost two years this time to finish "Ravenlord". But with this album Mystic Prophecy that great bands are like good wine and become the older the better !!! And Mystic Prophecy never were better !!! Already now the press highly praises the album – and they are right! The sound is top notch again for the fans as the band didn't change their winning team and recorded at Prophecy and Music Factory Studios with engineer C.Schmid and mixed with Fredirk Nordström (In Flames, Arch Enemy etc.) in Sweden. The result is once more breathtaking especially because the band combines extreme metal sounds ("Die Now" or "Damned Tonight") with the classic rock elements ("Ravenlord", "Eyes of the Devil"). This musical variety and the excellent song writing make "Ravenlord" rememberable. There is no doubt: "Ravenlord" won't dissapoint anybody! The Ozzy Osbourne classic "Miracle Man", which was pimped to speed of light remarks an extra highlight for all metalheads – what else a real metalhead can ask for?

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

New band, added to Redlion Family are I PROMISED ONCE from Japan. Founded in the beginning of 2014, I Promised Once set out to create the perfect fusion of Heavy Metal and Electronic Dance Music supported by their globally diverse members from Japan & Germany. This idea of bringing different genres together in harmony to create an impact on the music scene manifests itself in their debut single “Broken Dreams”, which is set for release in August of 2014. Recorded in Japan, mixed by Aljoscha Sieg at the Pitchback Studios in Germany (famous act: Eskimo Callboy, winner of the UK Metal Hammer Award for best newcomers 2013) and mastered in the US this song is the definition of “Global Sound” and will be accompanied by a promotion video which will be released at the same time as the single. Set to release their first EP during the end of this year, I Promised Once is looking to make an impact on the Japanese scene and is looking forward to bring their unique sound to locations all around the world.

ALKBOTTLE - into the snow 2016

We are very proud to announce that ALKBOTTLE will be part of the first Edition of Full Metal Mountain 2016.
The event: Full Metal Mountain will take place from the 28th of March 2016 until the 3rd of April 2016 in Nassfeld (Austria). You always have to book a package of housing, ski pass and festival ticket to participate. Booking starts on the 28th of March 2015 at 11 o’clock – exclusively  at www.full-metal-mountain.com.

Bloodlost - brand new video

Enjoy the brand new video " Legion from Hell" from Bloodlost, taken from the album " Evil Origins".

LOUDNESS (Japan) - touring Europe in July 2015


We are very happy to announce, the Heavy Metal pioneers from Osaka/Japan will play Tuska Festival in Finland , the 20. Anniversary of Bang Your Head Festival in Germany on July 17. - 2015, Rock Fest Barcelona/Spain and in addition a few more selected shows in Europe.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

New band, added to Redlion Family are THE ROAD VIKINGS from USA. Dan Bryant, a San Francisco, CA vocalist, guitarist and songwriter is the leader of The Road Vikings and a true journeyman in the world of metal. The full-length sophomore release by The Road Vikings, Requiem of an Outlaw Biker, set to detonate in winter of 2015, produced and expertly mixed by noted knob-twirler Tim Narducci (SPIRALARMS, SYSTEMATIC, MANMADE GOD), is the end result of this the journey to date. A world-class metal recording, the CD boasts killer sound, expert musicianship, mind-warping guitar solos and engaging songwriting. Ten songs of brotherhood, war, conquest, the fight for freedom, and the real-life hazards of being a modern-day pirate, authored by someone who has lived it.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Next new band, added to Redlion Family is MY OWN GHOST from Luxembourg. My Own Ghost is a rock band from Luxembourg founded in 2013. The music relies on Julie's warm and powerful voice and on the musicians' different backgrounds, ranging from pop to metal, by adding some electronic tweaks.While the name My Own Ghost matches the personalities of the members, the band hit within 9 months the stages of Luxembourg and played some shows in the UK. After shooting a promo clip of their single Crystal Ball, My Own Ghost released their debut album 'Love Kills' in September 2014. In August, My Own Ghost signed a deal with Secret Entertainment from Finland who will take charge of the distribution and promotion of the album.

Trauma - brand new video

The release date of the new TRAUMA album "Rapture And Wrath" on CD is February 27th 2015 via Pure Steel Records. Get a little appetizer right here with the brand new video of "When I Die".

CIRCLE II CIRCLE - touring Brasil in October with Blind Guardian

Circle II Circle

We are very happy to share the news: CIRCLE II CIRCLE are touring Brasil in October with Blind Guardian, with additional CIIC headline shows tba soon.

ALKBOTTLE - confirmed for Alpen Flair 2015


Alkbottle will not only go North in 2015 to play W:O:A, also they will cross the border into South for Alpen Flair 2015 from June 18. until 21.- 2015

BEARDFISH - touring Europe in March + Night of the Prog Festival 2015


Swedish progressive rockers Beardfish will be opening all European shows for the Neal Morse Band 2015 “Alive Again” Tour this upcoming March 2015. Further more the band will be part of this years Night of the Prog Festival 2015 - taking place once again at famous Loreley/Germany on July 17 - 2015

VICIOUS RUMORS + MACBETH - at Bäääm Festival 2015

Bäääm Festival 2015

The US Metal legends Vicious Rumors will headline this years Bäääm Festival 2015 in Germany. Macbeth are as well part of the line up. Bäääm Festival  - August 01 - 2015

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Next new band, added to Redlion Family is HELL OF A RIDE from France. Get ready for a HELL OF A RIDE, carried by Heavy "Stunt" Rock with Metal accents, Southern Rock flavour completed with Hard Rock roots. Hell of a Ride will carry you, recalling the rhythm machine of AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses sexy riffs, to the power of Metallica and the melodic flights of Shinedown and Alter Bridge. Hell of a Ride knows how to handle a wide register without falling into clichés.

EXUMER - on board 70000 Tons of Metal


between all the new band announcements: They say good things come to those who wait; FIRE & DAMNATION will rage across the Seas during 70000 Tons of Metal cruise. You have been warned...\m/

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Why not start a week with a brand new band in our ranks: Welcome LEHMANN. (Heavy) Metal, thrash, prog and groove meet the mind of the Italian songwriter, musician, producer and singer Mat Lehmann with his brand new project called LEHMANN. From his countless past experiences, Mat Lehmann concentrates all his musical passion into a limitless project, where technique, melody and experimentation are all focused in a single point: musicality.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Well, one more time: We give a very warm welcome to BLOODLOST from Switzerland. Bloodlost was formed in 2005 in an old garage in the regions of wallis in Switzerland. During the years the band played a good bunch of Shows including opening slots for bands like Napalm Death or Destruction. The next album which was written in 2014, will be released in 2015 and touring plans are in progress.

BULLETRAIN - on tour in Europe 2015


Bulletrain again will hit the road and start their next European run today in Italy. Further more they will join Warrior Soul from January 19 in Hamburg/DE. Don't miss out!

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

...and the story continues, next new band at Redlion Family is DARK QUARTERER from Italy. The group “Dark Quarterer” comes into existence back in 1980 to provide an answer to the musicians’ own musical ideas. In 2011, still with the MGP they release a double live CD taken from the DVD "Under The Spell" and finally in September 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debut album, comes fully arranged and played by the current lineup of their first album "Dark Quarterer "was registered as a new disk. Currently the band is working on the songs that will make up the track list of the new studio album.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Its not over until its over, another brand new band at Redlion Family is NAILGUN from Germany. „Desolation“ – Is the title of the third album by German metal band Nailgun and it includes 10 brand new songs! “Desolation” shows a consistent further development to its predecessors “Paindustry” and “New World Chaos”. In 2014, NAILGUN sound straighter and harder than ever, including more elements of Thrash metal, bruising and bulky guitar riffs and they nail down their songs in a way you haven’t heard the band before.

EXUMER - at Bang your Head 2015

Bang Your Head Festival

We are happy to announce that Exumer will be part of the 20. Anniversary Bang Your Head Festival 2015. BYH will happen from July 16 - July 18, 2015 in Balingen, Germany.

METRUM - brand new video

Metrum is back, with its brand new single "Perfect Remedy" and an energetic music video! The song reveals a short glimpse of their upcoming concept album "You Know", which will be released on February 27th

WARRIOR SOUL (USA) - Tourpdate Europe

Warrior Soul

Warrior Soul European Tour starts in a few days, time for a short update. Support comes from mighty THE ROADKILL and awesome newcomers BULLETRAIN

Welcome -The Milestones

Further new band at Redlion Family are THE MILESTONES from Finland. Yeah, it’s actually friggin’ true: in 2014 THE MILESTONES are celebrating 20 years together as a band, with a great new album under its belt and with their original line-up. Now that’s a remarkable feat! ”Higher Mountain – Closer Sun” is a monumental document of what one can make with sincerity, passion, friendship, endurance and love for rock’n roll. In the case of THE MILESTONES, it resulted once again in a classic rock’n roll masterpiece that should be celebrated and enjoyed all over the universe by fans of timeless rock music. So grab a beer, pour yourself a whiskey, crank up the volume and let the good times roll together with THE MILESTONES and ”HigherMountain – Closer Sun”.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Second band for a New Year signing at Redlion Family is FORENSICK. Forensick is a traditional Heavy Metal-Band from Horb am Neckar, Germany. Founded in July 2010 they got their first attention in the metal-scene in 2012 with their self-titled and self-produced album. Only two years later the second full-lengt-album „The Prophecy“ is released under the Label Pure Underground Records. Forensick convinces with melodic, catchy and classic Heavy Metal. Clear, charismatic vocals are meeting a good arranged twin-lead-guitar work. All this is surrounded by impulsive and accurate work from bass and drum. All of these, together with an energetic liveperformance is Forensick.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We hope that you all had some great holidays and wish you all the best for a rockin' 2015. A good bunch of new amazing bands are ready to tour over Europe and we will start today with the first one, called MORRIGU from Switzerland. The band has fifteen years live experience and shared the stage with acts like Eluveitie, Dark Age, Belphghor, Hollenthon, Pro Pain (European Tour) among others. In summer 2014 the band finished all work on the new Album “Before Light / After Dark”, which includes 11 tracks. It was recorded at the ‘Ghost Sound Studios’, mixed by Chris ’Zeuss’ Harris and mastered by Jens Bogren at ’Fascination Street Studios’. The new material of the four Swiss has definitely become harder and faster and is going to surprise some people for sure.

BULLETRAIN - brand new video

Enjoy the brand new video from BULLETRAIN, with the song "Phantom Pain" from the debut album "Start Talking" released in October 2014.


We give a very warm welcome back to CIRCLE II CIRCLE ( USA). Founder of Circle II Circle was former Savatage lead singer Zak Stevens in 2001. Since then, the band released 6 Studio albums and toured the world. We are pleased to see these talented musicians back in our Redlion Family and look forward to continue our successful relationship.
Zak comments: " We're very excited to join forces again with the RLM family and to continue building great successes with future tours.  It's fantastic to be back and we look forward to a lot of great shows all over Europe with Red Lion".

ALKBOTTLE - at Wacken Open Air 2015


The annual Wacken X-Mas Calendar 2014 procedure continues. Lets do it one more time: We are happy to have ALKBOTTLE added to the W:O:A line up of 2015.

TERRANA - on the road

Looks like, Mike and the boys have some fun on the road!

EXUMER - at Wacken Open Air 2015


The annual Wacken X-Mas Calendar 2014 procedure just started yesterday and we are happy to let the cat out of the bag: EXUMER will perform at W:O:A 2015.

ESCALANE - touring China


Our youngsters from Escalane will be on tour in China and we wish'em all the very best and success!


We give a very warm welcome to the british guitar legend Bernie Tormé. In a nutshell: The British hard rock guitarist with blues roots has recorded 24 albums in his career.  With a new band - including members of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX he is now back live.His stations: Tour guitarist for Ozzy after the tragic death of Randy Rhoads
Guitarist with IAN GILLAN, ATOMIC ROOSTER guitarist, founder of Desperado with TWISTED SISTER's DEE Snider and IRON MAIDEN's Clive Burr. Besides this, he always had his own band, among others, members of Gillan Band and his band Electric Gypsies with, inter alia, Phil Lewis - LA GUNS / GIRL. This man is pure Hard Rock / Heavy Metal history!


We give a very warm welcome to the Swedish metal band ARMAGEDDON led by Christopher Amott, former guitarist of Arch Enemy.  Armageddon he will release a new album "CAPTIVITY & DEVOURMENT" on Listenable Records in January 2015 and the band is ready to hit the road in Europe soon.

WARRIOR SOUL (USA) - touring Europe

Warrior Soul

First Tour for 2015 is starting January 19, We are happy to announce Warrior Soul. hidding the road in Europe. Support comes from mighty THE ROADKILL and awesome newcomers BULLETRAIN

IRON SAVIOR - in Russia

Iron Savior

before the years end, IRON SAVIOR will do a short trip to Russia

TERRANA - Tour Trailer

Terrana European Tour is starting soon and Mike has something to tell you, enjoy!

BULLETRAIN - on tour in Europe 2014


One of our latest signings, BULLETRAIN will tour Europe by the end of November. Sharing the stage for a couple of shows with mighty drum legend Mike Terrana +  their own headliner show in Verona/Italy. Get your tix now!

THE ROADKILL - brand new video

Enjoy the band new video from THE ROADKILL whilst waiting for tourdates in Europe to be announced within this week.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to ETERNO from Sweden. In the beginning the two forming members Roger Eriksson and Ivan Castro (originally from Peru) started the band in 2005 and spend the early years finding the optimal lineup and coming up with a distinct sound. The result has been classified as heavy yet melodically, dark and groovy. Eterno touches the essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Metal, combining that magical, old school feeling with modern elements thereby conjuring the powerful and ensnaring riffs and songs, which has became the trademark of the band. Recently the band has started expanding to other European countries. They have visited some of the most highly renowned international scenes in Norway, Spain and Italy etc. In the Czech Republic the band has toured with Rock n Roll Legend Jeff Scott Soto on his European tour in 2014. Their debut album “Until HELL Freezes Over”, released in the fall of 2013 has been sold in more than 1000 copies either as a whole or as single tracks on iTunes or Spotify, and the video of our song “Fire in the hole” has more than 1.500 total views on YouTube. At present the band is producing the next release which will be a 3-tracks CD/EP and a video coming out in Mars 2015.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to ESCALANE from Finland. Escalane is a four-piece alternative metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed by the guitarist Juha who wanted to find the right people to play the music he had made. Over time, Joonatan, Iiro and Hanna joined the band and Escalane came into existence. Escalane released two songs, "Singularity" and "The Days of Decay”, as digisingles in Spring 2014. At the moment, the band is making their debut EP which will be released in the beginning of 2015, and preparing for a 12-day headlining tour in China taking place in November December 2014. The band describes their music as "alternative metal" since it has elements from many styles of metal music combined with some pop & rock influences. This creates a mixture no-one has done quite the same way before. One of the main things Escalane is known for is also their really energetic live show that’s definitely worth experiencing!
Escalane is:
Hanna Uimonen - vocals & keyboards
Juha Takanen - guitars
Joonatan Jaakonaho - bass
Iiro Vuori - drums

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to GRANDE ROYALE from Sweden. Grande Royale - the new Swedish Royalties. Hailing from the dark forests of southern Sweden, Grande Royale emerges to deliver hard-hitting Rock n' Roll with face-melting riffs and an attitude spawned from Satan himself. With influences rooted in the early seventies, mixed with heavy blues guitar licks, Grande Royale paves their music straight and hard like an interstate highway. It all started as a project by members from three other bands with the intent to fool around, write music and drink beer. Inspiration and a hunger for something more arouse and a few months later the bands' first album was written. With the result in hand, the band was ready to take a step up to a more serious level - to make this their living. This is the new Royals - the new reign of Rock n' Roll.



We proudly announce that Tygers of Pan Tang have been confirmed for Väsby Rock Festival in Stockholm/Sweden 2015. The band will perform alongsite Magnum, Danger Danger, Heaven & Earth amm.

BLACKSLASH - Supporting Kissin Dynamite - Update


We are happy to announce that our younsters from Blackslash will support Kissin Dynamite on their upcoming Megalomania Tour in Netherlands/Weert. Since the show of Kissin Dynamite in Belgium/Vosselaar got cancelled, Blackslash will play their first headliner show in Netherlands mighty Rock Temple in Kerkrade, instead. This will mark history in the young career of Blackslash since both shows will be the first time, the band will play outside Germany. Don't miss out on this amazing band!.

SILENT OPERA supporting Orphaned Land 2014

Silent Opera

We are proud to announce that Silent Opera will be Main Support for Orphaned Land on their upcoming European Tour. We wish the bands much success, fun and always save travels!