Up and Coming Artists/Bands

Additional to our Redlion Family, we highly recommend the following Artists/Bands for your Festival/Event:


Artist/Band Country Music style
The Prehistorics France Rock
The Experiment no.Q Italy Classic Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal
The Truffauts Germany Indierock
These Raven Skies Canada Rock, Hard Rock
The Angina Pectoris Germany Gothic Metal
The Blue Thieves Italy Rock,Blues,Psychedelia
Tithonus Belgium Alternatve,Indie,Grunge,
The Match Italy Groove Metal
Them Roses Sweden Hard Rock
The Heretic Order UK Horror, Heavy Metal
The Skys Lithuania Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock
Ticket to the Moon Switzerland Progressive Rock, Metal
The Sunset Italy Rock, Alternative Rock
The Last Location Bosnia and Herzegovina Pop-Rock
Tropa de Shock Brazil Heavy Metal
Tripod Norway Alternative Hard Rock
Thy Worshiper Ireland Shamanic Metal
Tyron Germany Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
The Vice Sweden Rock, Metal
Temple Renegade Netherlands Heavy Rock
This Dying Hour United Kingdom Metal
The Snuff Czech Republic Modern Rock
The Order Switzerland Classic Rock/Metal
Tuff Enuff United Kingdom Power Groove,Metal,HardCore
The Corridors Israel Rock/Pop/Alternative/
The Basement Italy Synth Pop
The filthy broke Billionaires Luxembourg Rock
Tom Michell Trio United Kingdom Blues Rock/ Heavy Blues
The Erkonauts Switzerland Metal/Progressive/Punk
Tears from Venere Italy Punk/Metal
The Big Nose Attack Greece Rock/Blues/Garage
Thot Belgium Industrial/Electro Rock/Indie/Post Rock
The Tea Club USA Progressive Rock/ Art Rock
Throat of Autumn Netherlands Alternative Rock
The Dust Coda United Kingdom Classic Rock/ Hard Rock
The LP Latvia Rock
The Tract Austria Neo Thrash/ Melodic Death
Tendencia Cuba Metal Mestizo de Cuba