Up and Coming Artists/Bands

Additional to our Redlion Family, we highly recommend the following Artists/Bands for your Festival/Event:


Artist/Band Country Music style
Second Brain Italy Freeform Thrash Metal
Stokholm Bulgaria Alternative Rock, Melodic Rock
Stage of Reality Italy Alternative Rock
Shadows Schwarz Japan Symphonic Progressive Metal
Shadows of Violence United Kingdom Metal
Shame Italy Alternative Rock/Grunge
Sanctrum Sweden Metal/Thrash/Death/Hardcore
Serpentyne United Kingdom Symphonic Rock,Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal
Short Skirts Norway Rock/Garage Rock
Shadow Hunters Norway  Rock/Alternative Rock/Metal/Sci-fi Rock/Dream Rock
Schema Zeta Italy Modern Heavy/Thrash Metal
Sushi Rain Italy Funk/Rock/Progressive Metal
Serial Butcher Belgium Death Metal
Suddenlash Spain Soundtrack Symphonic Metal
Staring out the Sun United Kingdom Hard Rock, Alt Rock
Søndag Italy Low Tuned Rock
Sintax Israel Pure Extreme Jerusalem Metal/Thrash Metal
Soul Secret Italy Prgressive Metal
Soul Skeleton Poland Metal/Post-Progressive
Small Jackets Italy R'N'R-Rock/Hard Rock
Sexplosion Spain Hard Rock/Sleaze
S.H.O.T. Germany Rock/Metal
Super Monkey Zero Australia Heavy Stoner Rock
Saddiscore Germany Modern Heavy Metal
So Lucid Electric Feel Latvia Psychdelic Blues Rock
Simulakra Germany Middle Eastern Rock, Balkan, Latin
Steelmade Switzerland Rock
Statement Denmark Rock/ Heavy Metal
Sonya Hungary Post Rock
Sermon Poland Stoner Rock