Up and Coming Artists/Bands

Additional to our Redlion Family, we highly recommend the following Artists/Bands for your Festival/Event:


Artist/Band Country Music style
Morna Slovakia Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Midnight Sin Italy Hard Rock, Glam, Hair Metal, Sleaze
Moana Italy Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock
Methexis Greece Progressive Rock
Madness of Sorrow Italy Horror/Gothic Metal
Maze of Sound Poland Rock
Maplerun Greece Alternative Rock, Metal
Meltdown Norway Metal
Maybe Germany Rock/Crossover/
Maniac du Jour Italy Rock/Stoner Rock
Mindshift Sweden Metal
Matricide Israel Metal/ Hard Core
My Name is Janet Russia/Sweden Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Experimental/Ambient/Psychedelic
Morost Slovenia Progressive Death Metal