Up and Coming Artists/Bands

Additional to our Redlion Family, we highly recommend the following Artists/Bands for your Festival/Event:


Artist/Band Country Music style
Aeon of Disease Germany Melodic Death Metal
Aesect Ireland Metal
Angelinc Germany Modern Groove Metal
Annysia Spain Cinematic Metal
Agaze Sweden RockMetal
Avenger USA NWOBHM, Old School Classic Metal, Thrash Metal
ADE Italy Ancient Roman Death Metal
A Tortured Soul USA Heavy Metal
Astral Path Italy Post/Death Metal
Ampage United Kingdom Alternative Hard Rock
Ashby Germany Progressive Rock/Metal
Andromeda Zoo Germany Rock/Hardrock/ Metal
Alex Cole USA Retro Rock
Alia Tempora Czech Republic Modern Rock/ Metal
Ashes to Fire France Metalcore/Djent/Hardcore/Post Hardcore/Deathcore
Angelcrypt Malta Melodic Death Metal