Blitzkrieg Tour 2014


Blitzkrieg touring Europe again in September 2014! Don't miss out!

Terrana Tour 2014


We are very proud to announce the first dates for Terrana Tour 2014 are confirmed, Save your tickets now!

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to THE ROADKILL from Norway.“The perfect cocktail blending essentials of 80′s shred, 90′s rock and timeless industrial metal.” Lyrically and musically the band is genuine, original, provocative and emotionally moving. 2012 Singer Thomas Jacobsen joins forces with guitar player and ex-RoadKill manager Morten St. Elmo, reviving the project after the band ended splitting up caused by disagreement both music and image. The single “Lock Up Your Daughter” is released on New Years Eve the same year, receiving favorable reviews and publicity in Norway while rapidly spreading into the international community. 2013 Lock Up Your Daughter” reaches number 1 on “Urørt”, a Norwegian underground chart and is in rotation on American radio. The RoadKill starts working with Hyper Media Group in Canada to develop their world wide online presence. The Second single “Choke” from the much anticipated upcoming album “Reborn” is released. “Choke” immediately received rave reviews across the world. The band toured a few cities in Norway to check out the new material from Reborn album with LIVE audience. Great response and favorable reviews from music journalists throughout the world took the band to HOLLYWOODWEST in California. April16th - 2014 is a true milestone in The RoadKill`s history when the band entered the very same stage that AEROSMITH played 7 days before. legendary Whisky A Go Go did ask the band to play and the fans got overwhelmed about the power and intensity of the performance. Theband played famous Valley Club Paladino`s in Tarzana the day after. The RoadKill will continue to perform and support their upcoming release, while polishing their material, show and performance in anticipation of their upcoming North American tour in 2014

MIKE TRAMP - added to Redlion Family

We are very proud to welcome MIKE TRAMP to the family. As someone who has gambled his life and given his heart and soul to rock n roll, Tramp is philosophical when pondering what rock n roll has given him in return. “To me it is my lifestyle, a pair of glasses that I view life through, a pair of boots that take me to where I want to go and a religion that allows you freedom to follow your heart and do what you want.” Mike Tramp – “a life of no limits, rules or compromises”. RLM will provide European Booking for Mike Tramp, except UK/Ireland and Scandinavia.

BLACKFOOT -added to Redlion Family


We are very proud to welcome the American Southern rock legends BLACKFOOT to the family.
The band's classic lineup consisted of guitarist and vocalist Rickey Medlocke, guitarist Charlie Hargrett, bassist Greg T. Walker, and drummer Jakson Spires.
They've had a number of successful albums during the 1970s and early 1980s, including Strikes (1979).
The year 2012 introduced a completely new line-up personally chosen and to be produced by founding member and front man Rickey Medlocke. The new line-up was modeled after the live high energy version of Blackfoot in the early 80s. Blackfoot is in the process of booking a full line up of live dates, which can be viewed on their new website: Walker, Hargrett, Estes and Pietro subsequently regrouped under the band name Fired Guns, whilst Ricky Medlocke continues to perform with Lynyrd Skynyrd and is producing the new line-up of Blackfoot.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to LAST STROKE from Italy. Last Stroke started in 2010 in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy. "Ashtray" was released on Sept,11 2012, through independent label Insomnia Records and the band toured along with Peter Doherty (Babyshambles, Libertines,UK) The EP "XMas sessions" was recorded on tape and released on Dec, 24 with 2 acoustic songs. In Feb 2013 the band was official supporter for Linea 77, alt. rock/metal Italian act. Last Stroke played with The Fire in March 2013, for Shandon ex lead-singer's new solo project. Last Stroke played at Rock n Roll Arena in March 2013, winning the Nord Italian branch of B-Live contest. "Pure Fun" is the first single out from "Ashtray", and the videoclip was out in July 2013. The band won fist prize at National Contest B-Live: a European tour (Austria,Germany, Netherland, Belgium) to be held in 2014. Last Stroke also performed at Nissan Skipass 2013, as main act during the most important free style and winter sport Italian exhibition. "Ipecac" music video was released as Las Stroke's second single and it was on heavy rotation on National music tv "Rock Tv".The band is in tour with brand new songs to be included in its next album, since April 2014.

TERRANA -added to Redlion Family

We are very proud to welcome Mike Terrana’s new solo band to the family:
Terrana is a classic 3 piece power trio reminiscent of the music that was generated in the 1970′s, no pro tools , no auto tune no drum samples ….just pure live rock n roll with a positive message. The band was formed in the Summer of 2013 by world renowned drummer Mike Terrana who has played with a wide variety of artists, such as Tarja Turunen, Steve Lukather, Tony Macalpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Masterplan, Gamma Ray and Rage.

Band line up:
Guitar and lead vocals – Fabri Kiarelli
Drums – Mike Terrana
Bass and Lead Vocals – Alberto Bollati

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to THE TROUSERS from Hungary. The Trousers is a garage rock/hard rock band from Budapest, Hungary. Their main musical influences are 70’s rock and roll groups (The Rolling Stones, Iggy & The Stooges, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC) and contemporary rockbands like The Hellacopters, Monster Magnet or BRMC. The band was formed around 2005 in Budapest by Zoltan Kovary, who was a guitarist of famous hungarian indie rock band Amber Smith (between 2004 and 2009). After many member changes, concerts and an EP in 2007, they released their first album Planetary process in 2008 featuring Blood for you, a No 1 hit on hungarian national radio. The song was also released in the US and France on compilations. Although there are several heavy garage rock songs on the album (like Doctor keep your hands off me, which was a Top 5 song on a Belgian radio), the material is more indie-rock influenced, thanks to that age and Kovary’s position in Amber Smith. From 2009 the band turned into 100% garage and retro hard rock genre, and left their indie influences (Primal Scream, Doves or Oasis) behind. In this period they had played important shows in Hungary (Sziget Festival, A38) but also performed in Denmark (Gutter City Garage Rock Festival, opening for the mighty Blue Van), Germany (Melt! Festival), Belgium (Botanique Club), Austria, Czeh Republic. The second LP, Soul machine came out in 2010, which was a great leap forward musically. It contained fast and mid-tempo rock and roll songs with some psychedelic and hard soul tastes. The album was nominated for best hard rock album of Hungary in the year 2011, and they also had an offer from CBS’ Hawaii 5.0 for their song Too tough to tame. The video of the single Mortal moon appeared on different sites and online TV-s, for example Rock Label TV in Switzerland. In 2010 summer they played at Hegyalja Festival Hungary, on the same stageas their long time hero Motörhead. In 2010-2011 they had tours in Czeh Republic and Romania as well. In 2012 The Trousers began to work on Freakbeat. They released Sister Sludge EP with four new songs and a cover of Cornershop’s great rock and roll tune Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III. The singer and songwriter of Cornershop Tjinder Singh gave permission for the cover personally, and really loved The Trouser’s version. Freakbeat finally came out in the spring of 2013, and all the reviews agree that this is their strongest work until now. The first single, I get around was pretty succesful, it appeared on hungarian national radio and MTV, and on a lot of sites and tv shows, for example on the site of New Musical Express. The album itself had very good reviews, not only in their homeland but also in the middle european area (Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czeh Republic) and in Italy, Germany and UK. One of the greatest moments on this LP is that there is an outstanding guest musician on thesong Real Deep Groove, namely Nicke Andersson, former leader of legendary swedish rockgroup The Hellacopters. Andersson, who plays a guitar solo on this number, found thematerial impressive, and said he would happy to see The Trousers as an opening act for his current band Imperial State Electric. This project was managed by Lars Erik Tindre, former swedish embassy secretary in Budapest, who have a rock management in Sweden called Sister Sludge Management. Lasse is helping The Trousers to make it in Scandinavia. In december, 2013 they played a gig in Budapest together with Honky from Texas, USA (featuring the members of Butthole Surfers and Down) and Peter Pan Speedrock from Holland. A few months later, in February, 2014 The Trousers released a new video for the song Fear of the city. It contains a lot of live footages shot on A38 standing ship, which was elected as „the best club in the world” a few years ago. On that night (2013, 25th of march) The Trousers opened for Peter Hook (ex Joy Division, ex New Order). After playing on some festivals in the summer, the band will begin to work on their fourth studio album.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to BLACKSLASH from Germany. Take out the old band shirts; put your faded skinny jeans into your white sneakers and get back on track! Get ready to meet metal-warriors, punks and progheads, ‘cause tonight Blackslash’s live on stage. Applauding, singing along to an epic chorus and draining tinned beer – that’s what it’s all about. When your old Sabbath-shirt is nothing more than a sweated rag, you know that Blackslash are the ones to save your hope for an 80’s revival of Heavy Metal of the glorious days. Though the young band from Donaueschingen, Black Forest, Germany, was founded in 2007, they play the music your parents used to listen to (and were told not to listen). Old-School-Heavy-Metal, that’s what the five guys around bass player Alec Trojan stand for. And by playing neckbreaking concerts they give evidence to that. At this a galloping bass reminds you on Iron Maiden; two-part guitars let you travel time into the golden era of Thin Lizzy, while the melodious singing of front man Clemens Haas takes control over your mind. A faithful and steadily growing fan crowd is astonished every concert by the ease Christian Haas is stroking the strings with, to push his amps to the limit supported by a second guitar Daniel Hölderle. Meanwhile David Hofmeier tortures his drums to end up in a climax of dynamic and speed.
The fact that Blackslash is not about smooth-edged pop music is approved by their fans since the release of their “Blackslash EP” in 2011. The rough and edgy Heavy-Metal disc seemed to have the finger right on the pulse and touched the nerve of the bored lunatics and winos around the South of Germany. After just a few concerts the record was sold out and therefore Blackslash started planning their debut album that winter.
By the release of “Separate But Equal” they succeeded in becoming the most charismatic rock act in their region and attracted the local’s press attention to themselves.

HUMAN ZOO - brand new video

In the course of its 10th band anniversary Human Zoo released their brand new video clip "Fall In Love". The midtempo song is from their phenomenal third album "Eyes Of The Stranger" (Fastball/Sony Music) and completes the album now with the matching clip

ALKBOTTLE - enter the Metal/Rock Charts with Lager/Export


With their first ever release "Lager/Export" in Germany, Alkbottle entered the Metal/Rock Charts on Nb 24! Congrats Gentleman! Don't miss their shows in Austria and Germany, more in the works!

REBELSTAR - brand new video

Enjoy the brand new video of Rebelstar



Jeff Scott Soto 30th Anniversary tour.

JSS started his career back in 1984 at the ripe age of 18 years old with the 1st international incarnation of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. This year, he celebrates 30 years of his musical path (Yngwie, Talisman, Journey, Axel Rudi Pell, Rock Star) by hitting Europe at some of the premier festivals and a selection of club dates by revisiting the favorites of his life.

Adds Jeff “The past 10 years or so I have been concentrating on my solo career but at my shows, I still get audience members shouting out songs from my past that they want to hear...well, this is the chance for them to finally hear these songs and more!”.

Along with his latest line up including Jorge Salan (guitar), BJ (guitar/keys), David Z (bass) and Edu Cominato, the setlist will include some of the mentioned releases that Jeff has not performed live in many years.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to HUASKA from Brazil.

HAELO - brand new video

Enjoy the brand new video of Haelo

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to SKINFLINT from Botswana/Afrika. Skinflint is a three piece African Heavy Metal band from Botswana, consisting of Giuseppe Sbrana (Guitar/Vocals) Kebonye Nkoloso (Bass) and Alessandra Sbrana (Drums). The band has had successful tours, and headlined shows across Africa and Europe.  They have also played alongside international acts such as Carcass (UK) and Parlotones.  
The bands releases have been considered to be pioneering example of blending traditional Heavy Metal with African Lyrical concepts, as well as musical theory. The lyrics address a wide range of subjects from traditional ancestral beliefs and African Mythology. This has helped the band receive global exposure, as a result CNN came to Botswana to interview SKINFLINT. The band performed GAUNA after the interview which was aired worldwide on both TV and CNN Internet site.
The band launched their fourth album "DIPOKO" at Rockcember (Gaborone, Botswana), and Nairobi Rock Fest 8th December 2012 (Kenya). Upon their return Skinflint won the 2nd "Annual African Metal" awards for general excellence and best Metal player of the year "Giuseppe Sbrana".
In 2013 the band performed several local concerts and they embarked on a successful Swedish tour in October-November 2013. Having made international strides "DIPOKO" topped the African Metal Charts as song of the year. Skinflint is currently working on their fifth studio album, to be released early 2014.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to ARSENITE from Sweden. Aggression, speed, attitude and no compromise. This is Arsenite. Arsenite formed in 2009 by guitarist and singer Tony Classon. And guitarist Simon Hagberg.
Even though they did not have a drummer or bassplayer yet, they decided to record a demo
containing their first original song, Liberty is Dead, and two covers of Megadeth and Wolf. The
demo was recorded with programmed drums, and Simon recorded the bass.  At the end of 2009, the band found drummer Richard Fredriksson, and in early 2010, they entered the studio to record another demo, containing three original songs. The band played a few gigs,before finding bassplayer Martin Giaever. Now, with the line-up complete, and more songs had been written, the band recorded the EP High-speed thrashing maniacs. The vocals of the EP was produced by Wolf singer and frontman Niklas Stålvind, and was recorded in his homestudio. It was released in 2011. The EP got in the eyes and ears of Sliptrick records, and landed the band their first contract.
The record label released gave the EP an official digital release in 2012, while the band was booking a studio to start recording their first full-length album. Due to creative and personal reasons, drummer Richard Fredriksson had to be let go. The band was lucky enough to quickly find a new drummer, Henrik Persson, and the line-up was once again
complete. After intense rehearsing with the new drummer, the band entered the studio in spring of
2012, to finally record the debut-album Ashes of the declined. The album was digitally released in
November of that year. The physical release was pushed back because of some complications,
but was finally released in early 2013. After the bands contract with Sliptrick records had run out Arsenite signed with Rambo Music and are now working to release their album in 2014. Arsenite: Real metal for high-speed thrashing maniacs.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to ANCILLOTTI from Italy. Ancillotti is a new band that not only encompasses the history of Italian heavy metal but above all is a family formed by: Daniele "Bud" Ancillotti, long standing singer of the known Italian Heavy Metal band Strana Officina as well as founder of Bud Tribe, his brother Sandro " Bid" Ancillotti bass player with Bud Tribe , Brian Ancillotti drummer with Rayden, J.R. and member of the historic band Shabby Trick and guitarist Luciano "Ciano" Toscani leader and founder of the internationally know band Listeria on the Italian hard & heavy scene for more than ten years playing concerts with international names such as Michael Schenker Group, Dokken, Anvil, Dokken, Iron Saviour and many others. The monicker Ancillotti is the best expression of the concept of family, the band's name is in fact a tribute to Daniele and Sandro's father, Renzo Ancillotti who at the venerable age of 87 is still their number one fan always ready to support the passion of his sons and nephew for rock music, even following their concerts when possible!
After several shows in 2012 Ciano composes a good number of riffs and song ideas that are brought to various forms of completion by the band and then, in july of this year, Ancillotti enter Tartini Studios 5 in Italy with the producer Fausto Tinello, to record their first EP called “Down this road together” The music is dynamic and powerful with monstrous riffs that become big-time rock anthems such as “Legacy Of Rock" or “Warrior” or passionate and emotive ballads such as “Sunrise”. Ancillotti are a real band, establishing a trust in one another that happens very rarely in the music world. At the end of 2012 thanks the success of the "Down this road together" ep ANCILLOTTI has signed the deal with the German Heavy Metal label 'Pure Steel Records' for the they debut album that will be released on 2013 with worldwide distribution in Europe, Japan, North- and South America, Asia and Oceania.
The band now is ready for the next step, for the next tour and to enlarge their steadily increasing fanbase!


Iron Savior

One of our latest signings, German Metal legends Iron Savior are confirmed for Rock Hard Festival 2014, alongsite with
Annihilator, Blue Pills, Carcass, Dead Lord, Decapitated, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Insomnium, Midnight, Monster Magnet, Nocturnal, Obituary, Orphaned Land, Pretty Maids, Sacred Reich, Screamer, Solstafir, Tesla, Tryptikon, Zodiac, Roxxcalibur, Megadeth

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to KING'S CALL from Germany. Alex Garoufalidis has jammed and recorded with the likes of Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz), and Chuck Wright (House Of Lords, Quiet Riot). His melodic style gives King’s Call its powerful and distinctive sound. Every song a winner; all music and lyrics are written by founding member Alex Garoufalidis, and sung by Mike Freeland, one of the top vocalists of the genre, who is known for his work fronting the legendary Praying Mantis. Chris Tsangarides the British Grammy-nominated record producer, sound engineer, and mixer, once again produced Lion’s Den, the band’s second album, and the follow-up to their debut 2011 release, “Destiny”. Tsangarides became a legend in his own time through his work with Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, to name but a handful. Tsangarides has also worked with pop-rock and alternative artists, including Depeche Mode and Tom Jones, which result in his Hard Rock productions having a wider appeal than most other typical releases in that genre. Dennis Ward, bass-player, producer-engineer and founding member of Pink Cream 69, mastered the album into an epic sounding melodic hard rock masterpiece.

Warriors of Metal Tour 2014


We are very proud to announce the WARRIORS of Metal Tour 2014, featuring Metal legends JAGUAR, VORTEX, WIZARD and SALEM! Save your tickets now!

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family


We give a very warm welcome to HAELO from Hungary. After several successfull demos and EPreleases, HAELO band (formerly known as After@All) was refounded and refreshed in March 2007 with new members and new plans. The new line-up started gigging around Hungary with full force and they also made efforts on introducing themselves in other countries, just like Germany, Austria or Slovakia. But meanwhile they did not forget to work on the debut album as well. Supporting KARNIVOOL in München, Germany (March, 2010) was probably the most important concert in the life of Haelo. Sharing the stage (and even the backstage) with the australian genius-band gave much inspiration and enthusiasm for the Hungarian guys. December 2011 Haelo was signed by Warner Music's Hungarian partner, Magneoton and the band came out with the 11-track debut album, called AGEUSIA. The new record was digitally released in 39 countries and also can be downloaded from iTunes.

COLDSPELL - on tour in UK


COLDSPELL will play the United Kingdom for a few selected shows including the mighty Hard Rock Hell AOR Festival in North Wales. Don't miss out on this amazing band!.

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

We give a very warm welcome to PERTNESS from Switzerland. Pertness, thats true, indipendent Heavy Metal from the Bernese Highlands. The Album „Seven Times eternity“, which was released 2008, gave Pertness a recording contract with Karthago Records (Germany). The rhytmic, fast, melodic Powermetal songs got enthusiastic, not only locally but also beyond state.
The following album „From the beginning to the end“, which was released 2010, has been enriched with folk- and trash elements. In addition the very good sales figues, the album earned a lot of excellent critism. For example Metal Hammer 6/7 P: „With this album, Pertness really did everything right“.
Pertness live concerts are high-energy affairs. The guys, playing in kilts, deliver always a fast-paced, motion-rich show, already proved on different shows and festivals. The latest album "Frozen Time" was released on 9th of november 2012.

ALKBOTTLE - brand new video

ALKBOTTLE -  brand new video - subtitled in german! The first ever release in Germany will come via Bob Media ( Sonic Revolution/ Soulfood) on February 21., 2014!

NEW BAND -added to Redlion Family

Iron Savior Album 2014

We give a very warm welcome to German Metal Legends IRON SAVIOR!
The band will release their next brand new album, called: "Rise Of The Hero" via AFM Records on February 28., 2014!
Getting this new material on the road is the plan for 2014 and already in the works, so stay tuned for updates!